Debt Restructuring Services

Restructuring Existing Debt

Under favorable conditions, taking on debt is a sensible business decision. Building a start-up or expansion, company acquisition and equipment purchases are a few circumstances where acquiring debt makes sound financial sense. Over time, the differing terms, interest rates and maturity dates associated with multiple credit lines and debt accounts can become intricate and bewildering. In other situations, a business may find itself overextended and unable to make its debt payments. In both instances, restructuring existing debt can save a business money and put it back on solid financial footing.

Our professionals at Links Financial provide the debt restructuring help and guidance that clients need to make the right choice for their specific circumstances. We offer debt restructuring options that make our clients’ debt problems easier to handle and improve business cash flow.

Debt Restructuring Services

The debt restructuring services we offer at Links Financial begin with our experienced professionals analyzing each client’s financial situation. Once we determine the resources available to be put toward debt, we work on your behalf to negotiate with creditors to consolidate debt, minimize interest rates, reduce the monthly payment amounts, forgive interest and/or principal, and extend or modify the repayment period. As a client advocate, we strive to preserve good creditor relationships, retain a good credit rating for our client and free up increased cash for the day-to-day operations of our client’s business.

Corporate Debt Restructuring

Business setbacks can affect earnings and present cash flow problems, but these issues do not necessarily indicate that a company should close its doors. Corporate debt restructuring is often a critical part of helping a company return to being a viable, productive business. Our experienced professionals at Links Financial will evaluate the liquidity of your business, identify key issues that need to be addressed and create a strategic business debt restructuring plan that puts our clients on a path to recovery.

Troubled Debt Restructuring

There is an inherent risk with acquiring debt, and sometimes unforeseen events such as a downturn in the economy or cancelation of a large order can adversely affect even the most carefully managed budget. When a business finds itself exceeding its credit limits or missing or deferring payments, it is time to enlist the expertise of a qualified debt restructuring services firm.

Clients who choose Links Financial to help them with their troubled debt restructuring can trust our team to be discreet and maintain confidentiality when dealing with financial information. Our goal at Links Financial is to get our clients back on their feet by creating a troubled debt restructuring plan that enables them to focus on what they do best: filling the needs of their customers.

Tampa Bay’s Debt Restructuring Experts

At Links Financial, we deliver debt restructuring options that allow our clients to stabilize their debt situation and meet their obligations. Our well-established relationships among the Tampa Bay financial community enable us to connect with lenders who will help our clients implement a debt restructuring strategy that enhances the opportunity for success. We are ready to put our skill and experience to work for you. Contact us today.

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