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Partner Buyouts

When entrepreneurs combine individual skill sets and form a partnership, the result can be a highly successful enterprise and a source of much satisfaction. However, partnerships don’t always last forever, and a multitude of reasons can trigger the desire for a partnership or shareholder buyout. Incongruous goals as the business grows, a partner relocating to another city, personal changes and retirement of a shareholder are among the most common causes cited by business owners, who may wish to buy out a partner. At Links Financial, we are experts in the art of how to successfully buy out a business partner.

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How to Buy Out a Business Partner

Partnership buyouts, whether it is an operating company or real estate project, involve many intricate details that a qualified financial consulting firm such as Links Financial is well equipped to handle. At Links Financial, we advise and guide our clients through the entire process, taking the guesswork out of what can be a stressful situation. We help with determining the value of the business, negotiating a purchase price and structuring a payment arrangement that is favorable to all parties involved. Our expertise includes establishing the best structure, calculating the tax considerations of a partnership buyout, and specializing in creating the financing package that best suits our client. When necessary, we help our clients restructure their existing debt so that a partnership buyout remains a viable option.

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Innovative Financing

Through our 30 years of experience in the Florida financial community, we have developed an outstanding record of accomplishment by successfully working with a variety of financial resources; these strong relationships enable us to help our clients access the capital they need for a partnership buyout. We are adept with financial options such as an SBA partnership buyout, a loan program that allows healthy, growing firms to obtain financing based on intangible assets, such as goodwill, of the business. At Links Financial, we have structured many SBA partnership buyout packages and made it possible for our clients to buy out a partner without taking on considerable debt. We also are experts in self-funding and equity financing arrangements as well.

Experienced Mediators

A shareholder buyout can be amicable if the shareholders mutually agree to go their separate ways. Sometimes, however, shareholder buyouts turn into drawn-out and costly disputes, especially if there is not a shareholder or buy-sell agreement in place among the partners. Our advisors at Links Financial have extensive experience mediating buyout disagreements and always work to ensure a positive solution for our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about how to buy out a business partner, give us a call today. Let us use our expertise and skill to make the experience smooth and financially viable.

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