Commercial Real Estate

Entrepreneurs and investors have the skills to discover attractive opportunities in the market, but they often get bogged down in the complexities of acquiring financing for real estate transactions. As your financial liaison, Links Financial can bridge the gap and help you achieve your goals in the commercial real estate market. With the assistance of our experienced team, you can avoid turning the process of debt financing into a complicated and frustrating experience.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Financing options vary depending upon the dollar amount involved, the amount of capital invested, interest rates and length of the debt obligation. Our financial advisors at Links Financial are specialists in analyzing these factors and obtaining the optimal commercial real estate financing package for clients interested in property investment or real estate development. We have extensive experience across the broad range of sectors including medical, retail, residential, multi-family, industrial and office.

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Commercial Real Estate Refinance

Refinancing commercial real estate makes sense in many situations, such as to obtain a lower interest rate, avoid the liability of a balloon payment or to buy out a partner or investor. Our analysts have the expertise to evaluate these variables, structure a favorable refinance based on each client’s unique needs and save our clients unnecessary delays and headaches. At Links Financial, we help our clients find refinancing options that make it easier for them to take control of their debt and project.

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Links Financial: A Competitive Advantage

When you choose Links Financial, you are choosing a commercial real estate financing firm in Tampa with more than 30 years of local experience. You will be partnering with a well-connected, well-established company known for its dedication to client satisfaction. We recognize that each client has individual needs, and our analysts have the knowledge and skill to put together flexible financing solutions that suit each business. In addition, our 30 years of experience reflects a stability that many commercial financing companies lack.

Links Financial has an outstanding reputation as a leading commercial real estate financing firm in Tampa because we are responsive, creative and experienced in the arena of commercial real estate financing and commercial real estate refinancing. The strategic alliances we have forged over the years allow us to access the expertise of a network of seasoned professionals, enabling us to provide counsel and structure financing terms with minimal risk to our clients.

Whether you are pursuing development of a strip shopping mall or need a commercial real estate refinance for an owner-occupied warehouse, our funding experts can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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