Business Expansion

Growth is an integral phase of the business cycle, and there comes a time when every successful business owner has to decide whether to expand the business or maintain the status quo. Business expansion offers opportunities and rewards as well as risks and frustrations. At Links Financial, we help our clients recognize and avoid common financial pitfalls associated with growing their business.

Expansion Capital

For small and mid-size companies, growth and development usually mean that the business owner will need additional capital. Links Financial specializes in finding the money that profitable business expansion requires. Utilizing our vast network of financial connections in Tampa and throughout the state of Florida, we can connect business owners with a variety of lenders and help our clients attain the financing they need to carry out their growth and expansion plan. Additionally, we offer debt restructuring services to help clients incorporate the newly acquired debt into their existing debt structure and maintain optimal cash flow.

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Planning Ahead

Business growth involves offering more to their customer, whether it is in the number of stores and locations a consumer can access (market growth) or the types of products and services the business offers to other businesses (product growth). Expansion can make good business sense and often occurs by one company merging with or acquiring another company. Because growth and expansion, especially through M&A, is closely related to a company’s financial condition, it is vital for the entrepreneur to create a detailed growth and expansion plan as part of his or her overall business growth strategy.

Creating a Successful Business Growth Strategy

Finding the additional capital needed for business expansion is much easier when a business owner plans ahead. Our experienced advisors at Links Financial can help clients formulate a comprehensive business growth strategy that addresses not only debt acquisition but also personnel, market and economic issues. As part of this broad strategy, we assist our clients by evaluating their corporate structure and offering professional guidance when the growth and expansion plan calls for a corporate restructuring.

Our Services Business Expansion Services

Growing or expanding a business is one of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur will face. That is why it is important to utilize the services of a qualified financial advisory firm such as Links Financial. We draw on our years of experience to help clients make the best use of their working capital and ensure a smooth, successful expansion. Our goal is to help our clients grow and continue to thrive as they go through the expansion process. For expert help in developing and expanding your business, contact us today.

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