Our Values


At Links Financial and predecessor organizations we have provided assistance in financing over $2 billion in transactions. We have assisted with over $750 million in debt and company restructurings throughout Florida. Learn about Links Financial and our successes by reviewing our transaction articles.


Links Financial’s company values are based on the fact that we put our clients’ needs first. With your needs front and center, we then look for financial solutions that will provide the best outcome. Our tenacity and attention to details differentiates our service from others. We seek to WOW our clients, our referral sources, and our financial partners.


At Links Financial finding the best fit solution means collaborating with our clients, the other deal professionals and our lending partners. We work with our clients to understand their business model, processes and financial needs. We equip them with our financial expertise and work diligently with them and their lenders to deliver a constructive solution.


Our network is another aspect about Links Financial that sets us apart. Through prior experiences and connections we have worked with every major lending institution, numerous Florida regional and community banks, a number of Southeast US-Based asset-based lenders and mezzanine lenders, as well as numerous private financing sources. We are dedicated to finding inventive solutions catered to the unique needs of our clients without undermining our integrity. At Links Financial, we understand the concerns of our clients and go to any lengths in order to advocate for them effectively.


Links Financial draws upon the 30 years of experience of its founder Penny Parks. Equipped with the in depth insights in the financial services industry, our team promises the highest level of expertise to its clients.


We are attentive to the objectives of our clients at all times and persevere to find the best alternatives for them. We are committed to excellence in every part of our business; whether it is customer service, business processes, due diligence procedures, working with our partners, or negotiating a deal. We maintain the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our service.

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