Links Financial Helps a Tampa Business Owner Achieve the American Dream

The American Dream is finding an opportunity and maximizing it. We see this happening every day across the United States, and it is an idea that defines our great country. At Links Financial, we have the amazing opportunity to help people achieve and own their American Dream – whether it’s building a great company, acquiring one or taking advantage of opportunity when it presents itself. Needless to say, we love what we do!

One of our recently completed transactions especially embodies the American Dream. Like most of us, our client had been a wage earner his entire working career. He had successfully worked for numerous firms in which he had excelled at growing businesses, meeting his numbers and helping his managers and owners make a lot of money. After working up the ranks and eventually running the division for a Tampa Bay based manufacturer, our client wanted to capitalize on the opportunity he saw in front of him by acquiring the business.

The owners at the time told our client that there wasn’t any way he would be able to own the company without an additional equity partner. This is where Links Financial came in. We took our client’s goals on as our own and dedicated ourselves to finding a way for him to purchase the company without any partners. We were able to do just that by using debt in a creative way.

Our client put everything he had – $150,000 total – towards the $9 million dollar purchase of the manufacturing company. By acquiring an SBA loan and getting the current owners to finance a portion of the acquisition, our client was able to make his purchase and become a business owner.

The part of this deal that makes it an American Dream come true, though, came two years later when a supplier approached our client with the deal of a lifetime. The supplier offered to buy him out of the company while keeping him on staff to run the business. Our client accepted the offer, turning his $150,000 investment into a $3 million sale and guaranteed job for years to come. With the financial backing of his former supplier, our client has been able to acquire two additional businesses and create a powerful regional player in the industry.

Our client’s wife told us that Links Financial changed their family’s future, and that is what we consider a success.

Are you ready to buy or sell your company? Ask us what we can do for you.

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